The Selection Process is underway!

We are looking for growth focussed start-ups who are working in AI, 5G and IOT.

We are looking for bright entrepreneurs who have a core team, a registered company and a prototype or Minimum Viable Product.

L&T Technology Services is an active participant for customer validation and pilot opportunities.

Intel and Arrow are Technology Collaborators.

THE GAIN would take you through a structured Acceleration Program with experienced Mentors and would invest seed money for a minor stake. We would also provide you with co-working space at no cost, if needed, during the Acceleration process.

Our team of Mentors would support you through weekly goals and feedback sessions.

Excellerate includes an Overseas Entrepreneurship Residency for global partnership and business connects.

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Program Partner


Intel India Maker Lab would provide technology support to selected startups interested in using any commercially available Intel technology. Some of the benefits include technical mentor support, facilitate discovery of platforms / boards on Intel architecture, access to free hardware and software kits for initial development, facilitate linkage with ODMs. Any of the selected startup that wishes to avail these benefits would need to accept the Intel India Maker Lab Agreement that would be duly shared.


Sensor to Sunset provider in Embedded and IoT

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