We have accelerated an application security service provider with focus on security by design.

Led by ex-military intelligence and IIM-A Alumni, the company comprises of a team of certified White Hat Hackers with diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the world, carrying an overall experience of 40 years in breaking applications apart. The company has 300+ customers globally in the FinTech, IoT, Blockchain, BFSI and Healthcare industries. Since its inception, the company has tested 2000+ apps, fixed 5000+ security bugs and won 135+ hall of fame awards through bug bounty programs.  

In addition to the funding, the company was provided with co-working space for their local team of 8 people for 2+ years. We also provided them with corporate accounting services for audit compliance as well provisions for legal assistance. We were able to leverage our strong network of business connections and corporate partners to provide additional business contacts leading to new business revenues for the company. Most importantly, we provided mentorship and guidance throughout the program. 

Since going through our acceleration program, the company has seen revenue growth of 15X both from local and global markets through strategic international relationships.  With dedicated offices in Hong Kong and Australia, the company has broken geographical barriers in order to serve clients all over the world. They have consistently won awards over the past few years for their excellence in application and cyber security services. We are now providing connections with potential investors for a potential exit. Our program helped the leadership team strategize through a product road-mapping exercise and provided the company with laser-like focus in targeting their customers.