What do we do?

Follow this link to learn more about the program and areas of focus.

What do Accelerator companies get?

THE GAIN provides the accelerator portfolio companies with access to business, seed fund support, international linkages and technology environment to accelerate the growth of their business.

Once accepted, every company is offered INR 6 Lakhs at the beginning of the program and 9 lakhs on the graduation day in return for 5-7% of the company’s equity.

Apart from the above, you also receive:

  • Access to THE GAIN work space, tools, labs and technical & business consultants.
  • Acceleration in a 90-day structured accelerator program.
  • Building strategic relationships and roadmaps.
  • Accessing mentor network, potential customers and funding agencies.
  • Digital Marketing support.
  • Access to over INR XXXXX of cash equivalent compliance, audit, accounting and legal support –plus other credits.

Whom are we interested in?

We are interested in looking out for technology-oriented companies, typically those with B2B focus and from Smart Living, Quality Health, Industry 4.0 and Sustainability domains. In order for us to be focused and effective, anything out of these domains and different customer focus is a strict no-no.

Is it compulsory to shift your base to where we are?

Yes, we do ask our portfolio companies to be on site for the entire duration of program. This benefits accelerator companies the most due to the sheer amount of opportunities, be it mentoring or networking, that happens at THE GAIN. Having said so, we also understand that it might be of utmost important for you to be elsewhere during the duration of program, in such situations we can always work out something for you to attend the mentoring sessions and events.

What help does a startup or founder receive if we are not based out of India?

Yes, we do encourage companies from anywhere to apply from. However, our primary focus is on those startups whose focus is India-first due to our immense understanding and experience in the Indian startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem. If selected for the program, we will help you, using our network and contacts, with the legal/immigration issues,

Are single founder companies accepted?

Yes, we do accept applications with a solo founder. However, the going gets really difficult to run/manage a business and we encourage for a more balanced team with wide variety of skills. And in this regard, we strongly emphasis the startups to seek for co-founders that counterbalance their own skill set. If need be, we can connect you to the like-minded entrepreneurs leveraging our network in finding your co-founder.

Will you provide us with accommodation?

No, we do not provide a place to live.

When will I get to know the application result?

We understand that it is really difficult to keep running your business and make arrangements for your acceleration journey, so we strive hard to inform the selected applicants at least a month ahead of the program start day.

When do applications close?

You will find all the details here<Provide with the link redirecting to applications info page>

Do you ask for business plan?

No, we do not, just the online application would be sufficient. However, considering the duration of program, providing us with a business plan would help us in better understanding your vision, goals and entrepreneurial journey as a whole.

Do you sign an NDA?

No, we do not.

We understand the insecurity in sharing your data with us and for this same reason we treat the application data as confidential. Having said that, everybody associated with us are reputable individuals who have been successful in their own endeavours ranging from entrepreneurs to bureaucrats, technology evangelist to domain experts and Academicians to Investors. It’s the common interest amongst these individuals that has led to the inception of THE GAIN to propel the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Who will mentor us?

Our experience places the mentors at the centre of entire acceleration program and active mentoring holds the key to creating a successful and sustainable start up. With this belief and focus, we have partnered with people, who in their individual capacities have functioned as domain experts, strategy gurus and financial advisors. All our mentors have vast experience as technology evangelists, successful entrepreneurs, investors, transformation leaders, academicians and scientists