THE GAIN in partnership with Korea Institute for Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) is hosting 6 Korean Startups in Bangalore. This cohort of 6 Korean startups will undergo a 8-week acceleration program. The objective of the program is to enable access to the India market through mentors & partners.

The program will build a global IP bridge and enable cultural exchange between India & Korea. The Korean & Indian startup ecosystems will mutually benefit through exposure to Global innovation to enhance collaboration.

Our vision is to nurture early stage deep technology startups.

THE GAIN is the only Global Accelerator to guide Indian startups to reach Global markets & support International Startups through our Access to India (A2I) Program.

Startups will quickly validate their technologies & develop local partnerships vital for accessing the India market. They will undergo a cultural immersion program to understand the local culture and way of doing business in India. 

Startups will be introduced to leading corporates, potential customers, government agencies, local Indian startups, entrepreneurs and product development tools to tailor their products to India market.




Home-styling e-commerce marketplace, catering curated products to milennials to fulfill their lifestyle needs.

4.5 M Followers.

300+ Vendors.

Global E-Commerce platform selling to 16 different countries.

Products include Korean cosmetics, K-Pop material, clothing brands & more.



The world’s fastest Hindi Keyboard typing app.

Optimize the speed of typing Hindi on your phone by more than 60%.

Easy to integrate with existing Operating System.


Solving pediatric eye disease issues using AI on mobile phone.

Currently able to detect astigmatism, anisopia & other issues. Plan to detect cataract, ocular cancer, glaucoma & diabetes.

Has 2 Korean patents & applied for patents in China, USA, and Europe.


HR Tech platform incorporating Maching Learning (ML) to automate the hiring process.

Optimizes process of screening candidates for recruiters.

Pool of experts to outsource the interview process.


Expertise in manufacturing, refurbishment, maintenance, parts and servicing of semiconductor equipment.

Patents in Wafer Sensing Apparatus and IoT system for ventilation.