Event: World Knowledge Forum: India in the midst of change
Date: 2019-09-26

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4:10 PM  5:10 PM

ShillaShillaSeoul (map)

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Kyung-Song Song, International Commissioner, Innovative Economy

(Innovative Economy, International Commissioner)


Sri Priya Ranganatan, Ambassador of India, Seoul

Poornima Shenoy, CEO & Cofounder, THE GAIN

Sujoy Boss, President, India State Investment Infrastructure Fund

India's economic and strategic importance is growing rapidly around the world. Promising to improve infrastructure and bureaucracy, Mody worked to implement the "India Manufacturing" initiative during his first term, and announced a "healthy India" initiative in August after winning the election in May.

The unlisted unicorns, which produce 3.2% of the world's economy and have a corporate value of more than $ 1 billion, are expected to grow 7.3% last year and India's economy of more than 19, up 7.4% this year. But India's economy is struggling. In the second quarter of this year, it grew only 5%. The economic slowdown is due to India's own infrastructure construction, privatization, job creation, labor market reform and bureaucratic reform, and external influences from negative factors such as US-China trade disputes. The importance of India, the third-largest economy in Asia, is growing in both Asia and the global economy. But India's enormous potential can only become a reality if Modi promises economic reforms.

At the same time, India's strategic value is growing within the framework of the Indo-Pacific strategy, one of India's key countries, and Modi supports a standard-based, open and inclusive order. India wants to increase India's role in global security issues by establishing the Office of Indo-Pacific Strategy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Korea and India, the two major democracies in Asia, have many similarities in policy approaches. India is the center of South Korea's new southern policy. For example, India's Eastern Policy and South Korea's New Southern Policy, which aim to build closer economic and strategic relations with Southeast Asian countries, suggest that there are enormous opportunities and opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

Against this backdrop, the 'India, In the Middle of Change' session will discuss the following issues.

- Status and prospects of the Indian economy: especially Modi Prime Minister manufactured in India 'and' Healthy India 'taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian economy initiatives

- means of delivery is considered open and inclusive Indian and Pacific strategies based on norms and Asia, Impact on the World Economy and Security-

Present and Future of Korea-India Bilateral Cooperation and Possibility of Cooperation with India's Eastern Policy and Korea's New Southern Policy

What Opportunities for India?

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