Utilizes Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence to provide precision agriculture solutions and real-time intelligence to increase yield by 2X by monitoring over 50 variables.

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Cyber Security

One of the world’s leading application security company with focus on security by design, the. Through our guidance, the company has grown 15X with 300+ customers globally and dedicated offices in Hong Kong and Australia through our international connections.


Wifi & Iot device Platform

The only service-centric, multi-vendor, integrated management system in the industry, that supports smart city, WiFi-as-a-Service, and IoT through a single platform.

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Designs commercial scale drones and provides other high-value engineering solutions geared towards the GIS Surveying/Mapping, Industrial Inspection, and Precision Agriculture fields

Chip Design Services

One of India’s fastest growing technology companies, provides end-to-end customized turnkey solutions for the global semiconductor industry. Since inception, delivered 5 straight years of 100% growth in revenue and people.


An easy-to-use, affordable, medical grade EKG tracking wearable device with AI assisted algorithm track heart rate data over time & share real-time vitals with doctors